ARIA is a music album containing some songs from God Eater 2 as well as a DLC code for Yuno's Character Episode featuring the entire Blood cast. A special Link Support Device called "Cage of Aria" can be crafted from this DLC content. 

The songs are sung by yu-yu, the J-pop singer who provides Yuno Ashihara's singing voice. The "Kami to Hito to" song is a Japanese lyric version of the God and Man song that yu-yu sung at a pre-GE2 promotion event. The release date of the album is 2013/12/18.


01 Hikari no ARIA
02 Tegami
03 Requiem
04 Hikari no ARIA (piano version)
05 Kami to Hito to
06 Soumatou ~Refrain~
07 Hikari no ARIA (orchestra version)

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