Accident analysis report for the O-B2-016 experiment

Report by: Paylor Sakaki

Based on previous test results (report O-B2-015), new tests were performed to study the species that are affected by the interaction of various Oracle cell samples. Test facility C-4 was used to perform the test. Oracle cell sample A was place in the center of 4 other oracle cell samples B to E (diagram 1-4). To reproduce the results of previous tests, sample A was stimulated using laser irradiation. Unlike the previous tests, samples B to E increased their mass until the containers were broken. Samples B to E continued to increase their mass, destroyed the laser irradiation device, made contact and combined with sample A. The combined samples A to E continued to increase their mass until test facility C-4 was filled up. At this point, the test was seen as an accident and orders were made to evacuate all personnel (attached document 1) and to abandon facility C-4. After all personnel were evacuated, facility C-4 was shut down and the surrounding area was quarantined. The area was observed from a distance using remote devices. After confirming that the combined samples had mitigated, the area was examined. As a later date, the Oracle cell samples were analyzed using the data obtained from the scene of the accident and also from the tests performed at the time of the accident.

The cause of the accident is still unknown. There are many unknown factors surrounding the Oracle cell and if tests are to continue, more accidents will likely occur.

The cause of the accident and the mutating process of the Oracle sample have been determined. Progress has been made to improve the safety of future tests and we have gained a greater understanding of the Oracle cell.

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