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Chi-You is a medium sized bird-like Aragami, first introduced in God Eater. It is fond of performing hit-and-run tactics.

Norn Database

God Eater Burst
A human-form Aragami with rigid wings. Good at melee attacking with its wings, as well as focusing its energy in its fists, and letting it loose. First appeared in central Eurasia.

It's difficult to run a sword through Chi-You's wings. First destroy its lower body and wings with crush type gunfire before striking with the sword. When enraged, it'll glide even faster.

God Eater Resurrection & God Eater2 Rage Burst
A humanoid Aragami with a set of iron-like wings. Although it appears to be a simple melee fighter that uses its wings in close-quarters combat, it can also gather explosive energy in its palms and fling it at enemies. Native to central Eurasia. Its wings are resilient to melee, so it is best to first break the armor on its legs or wings with crushing bullets, then close in for the kill. When angry, its gliding speed increases, so bear caution.

ATK Element : Blaze

Weaknesses : Blaze, Freeze

Additional Information
Music Theme

Dance of Flames - Banquet -


  • Its name comes from the god of rain, Chi You (蚩尤), from Chinese mythology.
  • There are evidence that Chi-You can fly across large amount of lands in a cutscene of God Eater 2 (Game) and in God Eater -the 2nd break- (manga).
  • Chi-You got a new attack in God Eater Resurrection.
  • As part of the God Eater collaborative content in Tales of Zestiria, the player can fight a special gauntlet battle against waves of Aragami, featuring Chi-Yous as well as Ogretails and Vajras. However, in this content, it is misnamed as "Chihyu Dragon" for unknown reasons.

For battle information check the Chi-You/Advanced Information page.

GOD EATER RESURRECTION- Aragami clips - Chi You00:37

GOD EATER RESURRECTION- Aragami clips - Chi You


View the Chi-You/Gallery page to see more images & videos or add new ones.

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