Aragami Information
A grotesque figure of Aragami where a pair of arms grew on the black panther's back. Excels at high power, it starts with an irregular consecutive attacks. It is essential to be careful of attacks due to its concealed blade inside its arm. Its unusual offensive nature will cause low endurance. In this case, perform an attack beyond its head.
Norn Database
The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.
God Eater 2 Rage Burst

A bizarre Aragami with the body of a black panther and two arms growing out of its spine. Incredibly fast, care should be taken to avoid the blades it hides under its arms and its irregular attacks. Exceptionally aggresive, it nevertheless has a low threshold for pain and falls quickly. When engaging it in close combat, attack its head, use sundering attacks on its back legs, or crushing attacks on its arms. Piercing attacks also work well on its forearms.

ATK Element: Freeze
Weaknesses: Spark

Additional Information
  • Gawain is one of the Knights of the Round table and the nephew of King Arthur in the Arthurian legend.

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GE2RB The Shadow of Babel 25

GE2RB The Shadow of Babel 25

Vs Chrome Gawain
Chrome Gawain

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