This contains things that you probably won't be familiar with unless you've spent a while in the Wikia.

Memes & Nicknames

User Name Nickname Memes
Autumn Spirit Substitute John / Beast "Autumn is immune" - John will never get infected with any kind of viruses.
Baluar Bal "Bal will never get the Heavenlies he needs." - Bal is incapable of getting all 5 HvnlyRathalosScl (very rare drops) he needs in MHFU.
"drinks Fanta" - Bal's own take on Matt's "drinks tea" meme. While just as usual as the original one, it normally doesn't cause world-busting explosions nor people beginning to scream randomly. He usually does it whenever he doesn't care about what's going on at the moment.
"*head asplode*" - Bal will often suffer from explosiveness whenever he's at situations that put him into heavy mental stress, like hype for a fanfic chapter or seeing some misspelling.
NNNNNUUUUUAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! - Bal has a tendency to scream erratically under unknown circumstances. The screaming is always written in large font and in orange color, and in real life would translate to something like this.
BeoBlade Beo "Beo is the ultimate corrupter." BeoBlade has managed to corrupt many users here into MH fans and corrupted them into changing their standard greeting to "Yo".
Call me Ken or Accel Ken "Whatever's your problem, Ken will solve it." - Ken is incredibly good at solving people's problems. No matter the problem, he will probably know how to solve it.
"Ken is totally hot-headed." - Ken is also known to be a hot-head that overreacts to translation differences.
"Orgetails" - Ken will always misspell Ogretails into Orgetails.
Craz1trex Craz / Rex ???
Deaddoctor2010 Andrew / Andy/ Dead "Deaddoctor2010 means God eater" - A Google search of Andrew's user name comes up with images related to God Eater, However since joining the LittleBigPlanet Wikia the search term is being corrupted by lots of LittleBigPlanet Images.
"Hello and BRB" when Andrew enters the chat he leaves to walk his dog.
"God Eater Hype" when anyone mentions a new GE game or possible localisation, Andrew enters hype mode.
Kazeshina Kaze "If you misbehave, Kaze will hit you with a brick." - Kaze once attacked someone with a brick in fanfiction. Nowadays, you've gotta watch out, or she might be behind you, brick ready...
Leonblizzard Leon "DUCK YOU" - Leon always replaces F*** with Duck.
"I am a sassy black woman that needs no man" - Leon first said this on Hamachi, and now Beoblade keeps calling him as sassy black woman bish, Ken also became the "Independent black woman that needs no man".
Wolfram the Lone Warlock Dan "Lone warlock conjures some more popcorn" - Dan will magically conjure popcorn to help himself in the chat.
Lyrr Balriel Lyrr "Lyrr is a good guy, but he's perverted as hell." - Lyrr tends to come up with extremely pervy comments. That doesn't make him any less of a good guy, but he may, for example ask the BWH (bust-waist-hip) of your female characters... Watch out, just in case. You never know where he is...
"Lyrr Balriel has left the chat." - Lyrr is known to leave every time someone says "Hi Lyrr" or "Hey Lyrr" when he enters the chat.
Mornsta ??? "Mornsta's everywhere." - No matter how inactive he/she seems to be, Mornsta is always watching. Always.
One-Eyed Serpent Ryuujou (Ryuu for short) "FROGS!!!" - Ryuu keeps saying Frogs as a replacement to F***.
"She" - Ryuujou is always mistaken as a guy when none of the members couldn't even tell the gender of this person. She is always mistaken for a guy by recently joined members or in the chat.
Roinelll Roi / Roy "Roi reads insanely fast." - Roi can read all your fanfic in an hour, and then some. He will probably take a shower after that
"Roi always needs to take a shower." - Whatever the reason, Roi always says he is going to take a shower when he's in the chat. He claims it is because of "timezones".
":v" - Roy will always go :v, this originated from Matt deciding to call him as ":v" with others taking up on it too, now it turned out to be stuck. Incidentally not even the carrier zero (Matt) is safe from :V, noone is! :V
Seieireppa Matt "If there's any writing to be done, Matt's the man for the job." - Matt sure knows how to write fanfiction. Don't ask him for spoilers, though.
"Matt can answer any question." - Whatever question you come up with, Matt always seems to have an awesome answer ready that will clear you of doubts.
"drinks tea" - Matt will drink tea every time something happens, causing things like people randomly screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and world-busting explosions that never seem to produce any lasting damage. Other people already got infected.
"Matt is a Shiocon" - As soon as GER was announced, Matt became excited at the prospect of "HD Shios." It became infamous to the point where it was explicitly referenced in one of Roi's fics.
"New Blog:            " - Some Community Members have a habit of posting empty blogs, for pressing the Enter Key before naming the blog will post it empty. And in those blog posts in question, Matt will always be there to throw a "compliment" about it.
"No violation of the rules will go unnoticed." If you try and play fast and loose with the wiki's rules... rest assured that Matt is watching, and you will not go unpunished.

- Baluar is more lenient on the matter... but watch out, for if you anger him...

Vaince321 Arthur (Art for short) "There's something weird going on between Kaze and Arthur." - Arthur and Kaze have a servant-master relationship in the former's fanfiction story... for some reason.
"Arthur can't stand coffee, but vodka's no problem". Pretty much obvious.

- "Alex can't beat Megaman on Easy, but Dante Must Die is no problem" - Alex's spinoff to Arthur's meme,except different.

"Vaince321 rolls around *Insert name here*" - Arthur will always roll around someone whenever he feels bored. Now he is bound to roll around other chats due to the wikia chat unpresent. Now the wikia chat is back, he will forever roll in there.
Other Memes: "LAG CITY!!!" - The wiki chat is full of lag. No matter where you turn, lag is there. The GE Wiki is home to Lag City, where all those who lag in the chat—that is, everyone—end up.
"BOREDOOM!!!" - No one in the wiki suffers from boredom. Instead, everyone suffers from BOREDOOM (in all caps), which is normally the same but may bring about unfortunate consequences that vary depending on the affected person.
Dead Memes: "Bal will never get GE2". Derived from the fact that Baluar had promised to get GE2 since the beginning of 2015,  but he delayed its acquisition till June/July of that year. The meme is dead, but we shall all remember the time he took to get the game.
"Autumn Spirit Substitute has left the chat" - John will leave after someone or more people has left the chat room. It's not because he is lagging, rather he likes leaving. John also tend to leave if everyone is "away". The meme is dead, John is getting sick and tired of ":V" meme, he will never enter chat ever again. However, he can still visit chat, only if needed.
"Rage Burst & Resurrection will never be localized." - If anyone gets their hopes up about the possibility of GE2RB's & GER's localization, Matt won't hesitate to crush their dreams cruelly and utterly, without a shred of mercy. Note to those who want their dreams intact: NEVER mention localization in this wikia. With the update of the localisation from Bandai Namco, this meme is taken down.

Known viruses

These are not actual viruses in terms of computer tech. They are more or less effects of certain behaviour among members... Many of these have since passed, however outbreaks can happen at any moment, watch out!

Virus Effect
The Lag virus Known to infect people and make them disconnect from the chat or make their messages arrive much later than they should. Restarting your browser or internet connection may cure this issue... unless your computer is ancient and belongs in the stone age.
The Duck virus It corrupts the infected to replace the word "f***" with the word "duck".
The Tea virus Self explanatory, it infects people to drink tea
The Pervirus From the word Perv and Virus, Lyrr ("the original perv") is the origin of this. Art and Craz are the victims of this virus so far. (But in the words of the original host, it teleports, so be warned.)
The ":V"Irus It's occurrence is like a viral outbreak, it originated on Matt.its symptoms started to only show themselves to their full extent on Roi, however it has spread to other members. It forces its host to periodically say :V without any reason whatsoever.
The Negative Attitude virus This is already a major problem, many members will deny this but it is clear, when something negative happens, it causes members to lose their maturity.

- The only cure(s) to this is to chill out and not get stressed over minor comments.

Don't let negativity go to your head. Be nice and learn that every problem should be dealt discreetly.

The God Eater Hype Infects the host to continue taking about GE non-stop. Deaddoctor2010 is infected largly by this. This infection gets worse when God Eater content is released.

This may grow with time

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