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A scientist who is part of the God Arc Soldier research.


Souhei Kujou(Ken)

Kujou is Leah and Rachel's subordinate and scientist working on the God Arc Soldiers. During the story, he requests parts from a Sariel and a Yaksha Raja to further his research. After the events concerning Romeo's death, the blame of the malfunctioning God Arc Soldiers were placed on him, and he was courtmartialed and imprisoned.

During the events of God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Kujo is considered innocent and released, and begins working as Dr. Leah Claudius' assistant on the manned God Arc Soldier program under the oversight of Fenrir HQ. However, it is revealed that this is all a ruse, as during Fenrir's plan to enter the Spiral Tree, Kujo reveals that he was acting on Rachel's behalf after she preyed on his heart via a posthumous video mail, placing an Emeth Device, which was used in the construction of the unmanned God Arc Soldiers, inside the Tree, awakening Rachel's dormant will.

After he entered the Tree and encountered Rachel's apparition, a representation of her will present within the Tree, he is absorbed within her, and afterwards he is considered KIA (Killed In Action).

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