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The Dyaus Pita is an Aragami introduced in God Eater Resurrection, a variant of the Heavenly Father (the new name for the existing Dyaus Pita). It is said game's flagship Aragami and replaces the Heavenly Father in all but a single encounter.


It is similar in appearance to what was originally called Dyaus Pita, but it has its differences: it is gray in color instead of black, it possesses a modified facial structure, and sinister skeletal wings sprout from its back, replacing its usual "cape."


When it loses 1/4 of its HP, the cape will shrink and its pair of bladed wings will grow. Many of its moves consist of multiple stages (like the Chrome Gawain and its variant), so don't let your guard down after it finishes its initial attack. Its attack repertoire consists of dashing slashes, periodic bursts of lightning around it, lightning bolts thrown from above, and a double spin accompanied by lightning in a wide radius, in addition to the Dyaus Pita's regular attacks.

  • This Aragami also appears in the Anime series since the fifth episode, where it kills a herd of Vajras before defeating the God Eaters on that mission (Lenka, Alisa, Sakuya and Kota), grievously wounding Lenka and destroying his God Arc, and slaughtering civilians who happened to be nearby. The monster does this all the while showing some degree of intelligence by targeting the largest threats first. After the episode, the Aragami becomes a recurrent encounter for the God Eaters of the Far East Branch.
  • It is classified as a Type-1 Deusphage for reasons unknown.

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