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Dyaus Pita
Japanese Name ディアウス・ピター
Rōmaji Translation Diausu Pita
NORN Database
Item Prefix 帝王 / Emperor
Origin Unknown
Breakable Parts Head
Front Legs
Attribute Spark
Weak Point Unbound Front Leg
Elemental Weakness Divine
Related Species Vajra
Prithvi Mata
Golden Vajra [GE2 Only]
Game(s) God Eater
God Eater Burst
God Eater 2
God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Dyaus Pita is a medium sized tiger-like Aragami first introduced in God Eater that possesses the ability to harness the power of lightning to attack its enemies.


God Eater BurstEdit

First spotted during Moon in the Welkin mission. A new type of Aragami, with a jet black body and evil-looking face. Possesses both a powerful electric shock attack and an iron-tight defense mechanism. Worthy of being known as the emperor of Aragami. Origins unknown. When enraged, its entire body goes rigid: but if its cape-like organ is destroyed, that part gets soft, and defenses go down. Try to take it out with a crush type gun.



  • Dyaus Pita is named after the Sky Father of Indian mythology.
  • This Aragami is considered among the hardest to hunt since it has very high defense values and an equally high agility. Also, there are several quests that involve you hunting it alone, thus adding to the difficulty. It also isn't affected by Stun Grenades the same way Vajra and Prithvi Mata are and can only be pierced by Divine weapons. Take extra precautions when fighting this creature.

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