Battle Information

AI Behavior:

  • High Survivability.
  • Uses Restore Pills when low on Health.
  • Stand by in position when alone.
  • Devours enemy whenever there is a chance.
  • Stops shooting if Players get in the way of his line of fire.
  • Shoots bullets first before melee attacking.
  • Passes a 1 of Link-Burst Bullets to Players.
  • Focuses on dodging and blocking.
  • Does not use Impulse Edge.
  • Occasionally shoots condensed Aragami Bullets.

Confirmed Skills:

  • Survival Instinct
  • Wild Instinct
  • Clumsy


  • Blaze: M-Type short-ranged Laser.
  • Freeze: M-Type short-ranged Laser.
  • Spark: M-Type short-ranged Laser.
  • Divine: M-Type short-ranged Laser.

Consumable Items:

Pic Item Quantity
Icons Heal Restore Pill II x10
Icons Heal Restore Pill S x5

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
34 Voltaic Chainsaw
201104232023 002
Voltaic Chainsaw
Long Blade Type
Common Shield
Shield Type
Sniper Type


Action/State Speech/Line
Start Mission Let’s go!
Standby (Idle) Let’s analyse the situation.
Melee Take that!


Hit it!

Misfire at Ally I’m sorry!

Go for it!



Aragami Bullet

Take that!

How do you like that!

Aragami Bullet Pass

Now sending a team bullet!


Please take it!

Link Burst received

I’ll try it!

Amazing power!

Self Heal I’ll try to recovery!
After Stun Grenade Now!
Out of OP Reloading!
Out of Items I’m out of items!
Healed Thank you very much.
Status Effect

What’s going on...


Block Successful Crap!



Am I...gonna die?

Ally Incapacitated

Oh no!

Calm down...

Head to Link Aid I’ll go!
Link Aid Given

Are you okay?

Can you stand?

Link Aid Taken

I’m sorry.

Not done yet!

Respawn Not good.
Action: Attract I’ll take care of it!
Action: Fight Along I’ll support you!
Action: Follow I’ll go with you.
Action: Search I’ll go look for the enemy.
Action: Gather I’ll join you later.
Respond to Command


Perform: Search Yes, I’ll go look for the enemy.
Perform: Disperse Yes, I’m in retreat!
Perform: Converge Oh. We’re moving out?
Perform: Gather Yes, on the way!
Gather Successful Thanks for waiting.
Action Failed No good.
Tough Battle-1 Man, it’s so powerful!
Tough Battle-2 (Out of time) We’re almost out of time!
Dying Enemy

I think we can beat it!

Keep pushing!

Unbound Cells Good!
Destroyed (Easy Kill) Clearing now!
Mission Cleared (General) We did it. Good work!
Mission Cleared: Easy We had a rather easy time today, didn’t we?
Mission Cleared: Tough So...that’s what combat is like.
Standby After Mission Clear (Idle) The Far East really is a brutal warzone.
Mission Failed Mission failed...
Mission Failed (Incapacitated) I’m sorry...

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