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Fierce Kongou is a medium sized ape-like Aragami and evolved variant of Kongou, first introduced in God Eater.

Norn Database

God Eater Burst
An Aragami resembling a Kongou with a split face. Carries an electrical charge throughout its entire body: able to discharge electricity and generate lightning. Thought to have evolved after a Kongou received a face-splitting blow. Origins unknown.

When enraged, it generates lightning by pounding both arms. As it's capable of wide-ranging attacks, aim for its head and arms with a gun.

God Eater Resurrection & God Eater 2 Rage Burst
An Aragami similar to the Kongou, but with a face that seems split open. Its body sizzles with barely containing electricity, and it emits this and calls down lightning attack. Although thought to be a unique species of Kongou, its origins are unknown. When active, it slams its fists into the ground to call down a stunning lightning bolt. Countering this with skills is wise. Its widespread attacks are many. Stay back and fire at its head and arms. ATK Element : Spark

Weaknesses : Divine

Additional Information


  • Possibly named after Shoumen Kongou, a Rakshasa of Hindu mythology.
  • The split faces on the head of the Fierce Kongou are not symmetrical; this could mean that they are multiple faces covered in different areas or something else entirely.
  • Compared to the Kongou and Fallen Kongou species, Fierce Kongous have better defense attributes and a spark elemental rolling attack. They are also faster and more aggressive but this is balanced by the fact that they are very easy to stagger and are weak to Down.
  • Fierce Kongou is the only Aragami belonging to the Kongou subspecies that doesn't have a tail.

For battle information check the Fierce Kongou/Advanced Information page

Kongou Gameplay 1
Feirce Kongou game play 2

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