God Eater: -the 2nd break- is a manga drawn by Ikumi Katagiri. It is published by Dengeki Maoh. The manga is a prequel to God Eater 2 in the manga continuity.


-the 2nd break- focuses on events concerning Alisa Amiella, Soma Schicksal, and Kota Fujiki before and during the story of God Eater 2. The manga also features a story crossover connection with God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo by including Marguerite Claverie in the first stories.


Fenrir Far East Branch

Nemos Diana (Forest of the Goddess)




Volume 1

  • Chapter 1: Departure
  • Chapter 2: Chance Meeting
  • Chapter 3: Singing Voice
  • Chapter 4: Disturbance
  • Chapter 5: Reminiscence
  • Chapter 6: Inspiration

Volume 2

  • Chapter 7: God Arc Soldier
  • Chapter 8: Infection
  • Chapter 9: Decision
  • Chapter 10: Discussion
  • Chapter 11: Karma
  • Chapter 12: Transformation
  • Chapter 13: Inspiration

Volume 3

  • Chapter 14:
  • Chapter 15:
  • Chapter 16:
  • Chapter 17:
  • Chapter 18:
  • Chapter 19:
  • Chapter 20:


  • Volume 2 cover of -the 2nd break- depicts Yuno back to back with Alisa.
  • -the 2nd break- featured multiple protagonists, but only as minor characters.


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