The Cover of the Album

God Eater 2 & God Eater 2 Rage Burst: Original Soundtrack are albums and DVDs of the songs featured in the 2013 game, God Eater 2, as well as its expansion, God Eater 2 Rage Burst. There are two versions: the original, which has two variations of the song, F.A.T.E., and has a downloadable code for "Another Character" Lindow Amamiya and ReBirth, which contains the ending song for God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Faith, sung by May J. The ReBirth album and DVD also has a downloadable code for "Another Character" Julius Visconti, and the song, Magic of Futari, also by May J., which is the second opening theme for the anime, Gundam Reconguista in G.


Disc 1

  1. F.A.T.E.
  2. Hikari no Aria (piano solo ver.)
  3. Divine Punishment Upon Us
  4. Stronghold of Steel
  5. Harsh Enlightment
  6. Loss of Freedom
  7. The Selected
  8. A Friend's Here
  9. Kami to Hito to -end of my dream-
  10. Lovely Bubbly
  11. Back Down -Try & Terror-
  12. The Puppet of Justice
  13. An Indelible Scar
  14. An Extravagant Moment
  15. Fated Sky
  16. Time for the Decisive Battle
  17. Requiem
  18. Sleeping in the Depths
  19. Bloody Battle
  20. Into an Endless Battle
  21. Spirits Back Home
  22. Hikari no Aria
  23. BattleMix -enthusiasm outburst-
  24. Parting
  25. Hikari no Aria (piano version)
  26. Unease
  27. Blood Guidance
  28. BattleMix -overpressure-
  29. Soumatou

Disc 2

  1. With Fate
  2. Wings of Tomorrow
  3. Kami to Hito to (Vocal Ver.)
  4. Tender Time -orchestra version-
  5. Warm Sunlight
  6. Alma Mater
  7. The Dream Continues
  8. Tragedy
  9. Koimeka
  10. Faded Memories
  11. Silver Path
  12. Afterglow
  13. Always by Your Side
  14. Hikari no Aria (orchestra version)
  15. Our Progenitor
  16. Manage It!
  17. Back Down
  18. Beasts of the Wilderness
  19. Country Cowgirl
  20. Footsteps of Disaster
  21. Back Home with You
  22. Soumatou ~Refrain~
  23. Peaceful Moment
  24. F.A.T.E. -intense Remix-
  25. Kami to Hito to -Resolution-
  26. The Demon's Abode
  27. Broken Mirror
  28. The Palace of Trials
  29. Tree of Life -brighter than ever-

Disc 3

  2. Carrying One's Feelings
  3. Creeping Shadow
  4. That Which Were Scattered
  5. The Devil's Revelation
  6. The Butterfly's Temptation
  7. Unstable Behavior
  8. That Promise in Mind
  9. Half a Body Left
  10. Blood Rage
  11. NEO Briefing
  12. At the End of an Oath
  13. An Evening of Independence
  14. That Which Were Risky
  15. If Your Wish Comes True
  16. An Angel's Greeting
  17. A Black Flash
  18. You Can Make It
  19. Renewal
  20. Dazzling Land
  21. Things That Don't Change
  22. The Days Only Seen in a Dream
  23. Repulsa
  24. A Pure World
  25. Tree of Life

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