This page will detail the information seen in the Archive. You can accese the Archive from the terminal in "My Room." From there you can View, Play, Listen to any of the content you have unlocked so far in the game.

This page contains spoillers, read at your own risk.


Name Description
Form-changing Attack A guide to "Form-changing Attack" switching from blade to gun form while attacking.
How to use a Trap A battle guide to setting various types of traps.
Defense Techniques A guide to using jumping, guarding and evasive defensive technigues.
Special Action: Short Blade A guide to special Short Blade techniques: "Advanced Step" and "Advanced Jump".
Special Action: Buster Blade A guide to special Buster Blade technigues: "Charge Crush" and "Advance Guard".
Special Action: Long Blade A battle guide for the special Long Blade technigue "Impulse Edge".
Combo Devour A guide to combining the normal devour into the "Combo Devour"
Sending Commands to Allies A guide to sending commands to allies during a mission.
Bullet Editor A guide to use "Bullet Editor" tor craft useful bullets at the Terminal.





God Eater Burst OP GOD EATER BURST Opening Movie.
The Far East Branch You are assigned to the Fenrir Far East Branch as a New-Type Gods Eater. Your days of fighting Aragami begin here.
Medical Check Meet Dr. Sakaki and the Director to have a breifing on God Eaters' tasks. Then proceed to the Medical Check.
Mission with Lindow Meet Lindow and Sakuya to have a practical experience. Lindow gives you an order: "Survive, and that's all that matters."
Lecture: Aragami Dr. Sakaki's lecture on Aragami. Aragami which are Oracle Cell clusters, can only be defeated by God Arcs.
Mission with Sakuya First mission with Sakuya. She explains to you, the basic style of fighting with a support-type God Eater as your partner.
Mission with Soma First mission with Soma and Eric. However, Eric dies from letting his guard down. God Eaters see life and death every day.
Mission with Kota First Mission with Kota. You learn that Kota carries his whole family's life in his hands. But he is always cheerful.
Lecture: Arcology Dr. Sakaki's lecture on the Den. Humans who live outside an Arcology are always in danger. The Den is your Arcology.
With Lindow & Sakuya A joint mission with Lindow and Sakuya. Sakuya still worries about New-Types, but Lindow just keeps cracking jokes.
A Group Mission First group mission with Sakuya, Kota, and Soma. Lindow leaves on a date, leaving the 4 of you to your own.
Disturbing Date Return to the Den after finishing a mission. Then, an announcement is made that the 7th Unit has defeated Ouroboros.
Shadows in the City Soma is on his solo mission. He senses a strange human shadow in the ruined church area.
Another New-Type You meet Alisa, a New-Type God Eater transferred from the Russian Branch. She is cheeky and doesn't try to fit in.
Lecture: Coexistance Dr. Sakaki's lecture on natural environments and coexistance. Learn how the Aragami affect natural environments.
Lindow's Request A joint mission with Lindow and Alisa. Alisa sometimes looks disturbed, and Lindow gives her a piece of advice.
Lecture: Evolution Dr. Sakaki's lecture on Aragami evolution. Oracle Cells were first seen in amoeba colonies, but quickly evolved.
A Moment of the End You encounter Lindow and Alisa during a mission. Lindow gets trapped from Alisa's attack. You leave him behind and retreat.
Fading Hope* Everyone requests Tsubaki to search for Lindow, but she much reject even though she is worried her missiong [sic] brother.
Confusion You hear Alisa's painful cry of confusion in front of the Sick Bay. You try to go in, but Dr. Oguruma stops you.
Resonance You visit Alisa at the sick bay. The moment you touch her, a Resonance occurs, and she regains her consciousness.
Ending the Search Tsubaki calls off the search for Lindow without being able to find his armlet or Arc. Everyone can't [sic] hide their concern.
Sakuya & Tsubaki Sakuya argues against the end of search. Though Tsubaki acts strong in public, sadness overcomes, and she cries alone.
Alisa's Trauma Alisa's memory rushes in during Resonance. It is revealed that Alisa has been brainwashed and used to kill Lindow.
Lindow's Memento 1 Ever since Lindow went missing, Sakuya hasn't gotten any rest. Tsubaki orders her to make a mandatory leave.
Lindow's Memento 2 Sakuya reminisces about her memories of Lindow. She stumbles upon a memento, and remembers his last words.
The Truth Sakuya visits Alisa's medical room. She questions Alisa to find out the truth behind the mission that killed Lindow.
The Power to Protect Alisa reports full return to duty. She asks you to teach her to fight in order to protect her precious ones.
Alisa's Determination 1 Alisa is permitted to sortie with Kota and Sakuya's help. Target is the same as the enemy that killed her parents and Lindow.
Alisa's Determination 2 You are attacked by a Vajra during a search, but Alisa pulls the trigger, and saves you. Alisa overcomes her trauma.
Sakuya & Alisa Sakuya is analyzing the lock on Lindow's disk. Alisa virits, and they agree to find out the truth behind Lindow's death.
First Unit Leader 1 The members of the 1st Unit are gathered, Tsubaki announces that you will become Leader when the next mission is completed.
First Unit Leader 2 The Director notifies you of your rights and duties as Leader, and tells you about the special mission that Lindow was on.
Tsubaki's Encouragement As you stand, nervous in front of the elevator for your promotion to leader, Tsubaki gives you words of encouragement.
Soma & Kota 1 At the temple ruins, Kota invites Soma to the promotion celebration, but Soma rejects it without any interest.
Soma & Kota 2 Though Kota tries to be welcoming towards Soma, Soma calls himself a beast, and won't let others get close to him.
A Strategic Move The Director praises your achievements as a leader. On your war back, you pick up a disk that Dr. Sakaki dropped.
A Horrible Past You look at the disk. It records the Managarm Project, which interjected the P73 Bias Factor into a human body.
Secrets Dr. Sakaki talks with the Director. Sakaki wants to priritize his research, and the Director wants to find the Singularity.
Nightmares of Death Soma's past is revealed. Sad memories of being burdened with the destiny of killing Aragami and being called a beast.
Top Secret Mission When you go return the disk to Dr. Sakaki, he informs you of a top secret mission. You see his compassion towards Soma.
Aragami Girl 1 Dr. Sakaki summons you. He assigns a special mission for you, Sakuya, Alisa and Kora. But the details aren't explained.
Aragami Girl 2 Everyone is back from their mission. A mysterious girl in a piece of cloth is there. Dr. Sakaki calls this girl Aragami.
Broken Furures Conversation with Kota in the Den. Kota is determined to support the Aegis Project that will save mankind.
The Girl's Name At Dr. Sakaki's research lab, someone is to give the Aragami girl a name. Who will get to be her godfather? ...or mother.
Human Words At Dr. Sakaki's research lab, Shio begins learning new words through conversations with humans, Alisa and Kota.
Buffet Date You are summoned to Sakaki's room with Soma. Sakaki requests you to take Shio to the mission and let her devour Aragami.
Two Lone Souls Shio devours Aragami at the Carrier. Shio innocently talks to Soma, but he calls her a beast, and rejects her presence.
Runaway Shio By request of Dr. Sakaki, Sakuya tries to put clothes on Shio, but she requses, breaks the walls, and runs away.
Everyone's the Same Soma finds Shio at the temple ruins. A human-form Aragami, and a human with Aragami powers. They grow sympathy.
Shio's Song At Dr. Sakaki's room, Shio seems to be in a good mood wearing her new clothes. She sings the song that she heard with Soma.
Special Mission You are Summoned by the Director and are given a special mission, but Soma warns you not to get too involved.
Signal Tracking 1 Tsubaki explains that a signal from Lindow's Armlet has been confirmed, and that the 1st Unit is to find that armlet.
Signal Tracking 2 Lindow's armlet was not found in the Aragami, and upon hearing this, Sakuya feels a strange complicated feeling.
Outer Ghetto in Danger The Outer Ghetto is attacked by Aragami. You set out to defeat a new species of Aragami in order to obtain Bias Factors.
Kota's Determination Kota panics, learning that the area that his family lives in was attacked. He reaffirms his will to protect his family.
Lindow's Will 1 At the Gate, Tsubaki once again reports to you about Lindow's armlet, and also warns you about going on the mission.
Lindow's Will 2 Your team finds Lindow's armlet. The disk is unlocked with it, and you learn that he was investigating the Ark Project.
Abnormality While gazing at Aegis Island from the Carrier, Shio's body suddenly begins reacting strangely and she dissapears.
Search Orders You are summoned by the Director, and are tasked to retrieve a special Aragami core.
Fragile Plea You talk with Soma. He tells you that the Aragami the Director is looking for is Shio. You glimpse Soma's wish for peace.
Prologue to Good-bye Your mission is done at the Carrier, Shio is singing the song of Good-Bye, but suddenly loses her consciousness.
Into Aegis Sakuya sneaks into Aegis and learns the truth behind the Ark Project. The director was there and she barely escapes from him.
Chosen One You are summoned by the Director and are requested to cooperate with the Ark Project.
Fake Paradise Kota enjoys his time at home. He shows his family the ticket to the Ark Project, but he can only save his mother and sister.
Stolen Singularity The Director finds out about Shio, and the Den is attacked by Aragami. Kota leaves home to protect his friends and family.
First Unit To stop the Ark Project, all of the 1st Unit converge at the Den. They head to Aegis through the underground passageway.
Gods Eaters The Director is waiting for you when you get into Aegis. All of the 1st Unit fights Arda Nova, with their own goals in mind.
Today's Good-Bye The Director defeated. Apocalypse starts. Shio's soul guides Nova to the moon. To fulfill her last wish, Soma devours Shio.
Gods Eater ED

Gods Eater Burst
Ending Movie after clearing Difficulty 6

Wandering Soul A mysterious shadow howls at the moon. The Ark Project is covered up by the HQ, and people return to battle against Aragami.
Immortal Aragami An Aragami whose core was removed revives. You save Kota, but your Arc shatters and you faint. You wake up in the sick bay.
The Den Under Attack Aragami attacks the Den while Gods Eaters are out. You touch Lindow's Arc, but a rejection occurs. Ren appears to save you.
Lindow's Memory You speak with Ren at the storage area. You are hinted with the chance of Lindow's survival through the resonance effect.
Search Resumed Lindow's survival is confirmed, and a search is resumed. The Gods Eaters rejoice, but Ren reminds them of the cruel truth
Aragami Transformation You guard an attack by a new Aragami. Resonance occurs, and memories rush in. It1s a memory of Lindow being an Aragami.
Determined at Heart Learning the truth, you go meet Lindow alone. Your teammates also follow, determined to save the both of you.
Don't Run Away After defeating the Black Hannibal, Lindow appears. Ren urges you to kill him, but you decide to bring him home alive.
True Moon in the Welkin You finally find Lindow in your Resonance. Ren changes his from back to Lindow's Arc and chooses to fight alongside him again.
Order Accomplished Ren sacrifices his life to save Lindow. Black Hannibal vanishes, and life at the Den returns to life with Lindow.
Gods Eater Burst ED

Gods Eater Burst
Ending Movie

*Fading Hope, the description of the movie in the Archive contains a very obvious typo... Many of the descriptions are rather messed up structure vise... but since they appear like that in game aswell, they aren't changed




GODS EATER Opening Movie GODS EATER Opening Movie
Gods Eater Synopsis A movie that recaps the story of Gods Eater.




Gods Eater Gods Eater theme song
Shadows Over the City Battle Music for City of Mercy
The Gods' Feast Battle Music for Sunken Grid
Voices of a Storm Battle Music for Tranquil Temple
Advancing Nightmares Battle Music for Forgotten Carrier
Dance of Flames Battle Music for Infernal Subway
New World Battle Music for Aegis
Slashing the Storm Battle Music for Wailing Plains
No Way Back Battle Music for Dyaus Pita ver.1
Deo Volente Battle Music for Arda Nova ver.1
Strategy Meeting Results BGM
Wolf's Howl The Den BGM ver.1
Wavering Soul The Den BGM ver.2
The Savior's Return Battle Music for Arda Nova ver.2
The March of Evil Battle Music for Ouroboros
Emotions Battle Music for Prithvi Mata
Shadows Over the City -Fear- Battle Music for City of Mercy Vajra ver.1
Shadows Over the City -Roar- Battle Music for City of Mercy Vajra ver.2
God's Feast -Gluttons- Battle Music for Sunken Grid Gboro ver.
God's Feast -Cherished- Battle Music for Sunken Grid Sariel ver.
Snowstorm -Drums of Monkey- Battle Music for Tranquil Temple Kongou ver.
Nightmares -Creaking Wheel- Battle Music for Forgotten Carrier Quadriga ver.
Dance of Flames -Banquet- Battle Music for Infernal Subway Chi-You ver.
No Way Back -Out of my Way- Battle Music for Dyaus Pita ver.2
New World -Unknown- Battle Music for Aegis Climax Version
In a Pool of Sunshine The Den BGM ver.3
Ruthless King Battle Music for Hannibal
Endless Invasion Battle Music for Corrosive Hannibal


This is the list of the NPCs whose voices you can listen in the Archive.

Lindow Amamiya

Sakuya Tachibana

Soma Schicksal

Kota Fujiki

Alisa Amiella


Tatsumi O'Mori

Brendan Bardell

Kanon Daiba

Shun Ogawa

Karel Schneider

Gina Dickinson


Annette Koenig

Federico Caruso

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