In Episode 12 of the God Eater anime, protagonist Lenka Utsugi gains a new God Arc to replace his old one, which had been shattered in battle with the Dyaus Pita. It is truly massive in size and possesses overwhelming power that lays low all before it, at the cost of an increased rate of Oracle Cell infection for its wielder.

It is deployed in multiple stages, as detailed below:

First Stage

The first stage, seen in Episode 12, was deployed in a rocket sled from a helicopter as Lenka intercepted it in midair. It initially appears as a massive assembly many time's Lenka's size with four huge cannons arranged in a two-by-two formation. They are used to fire massive lasers, rather than bullets, at a herd of Vajras below—a trait that has the side-effect of immense Oracle Cell usage, which damages Lenka's body and overheats the God Arc almost immediately, causing Lenka to jettison the outermost layer to reveal the second stage.

Second Stage

Jettisoning the massive laser assembly, Lenka unveils his God Arc's most recognizable form, an enormous Buster Blade-like weapon that is far, far larger than any God Arc seen thus far. He is nonetheless able to wield it with effortless skill, mowing down multiple Vajra.

This stage also comes with a smaller laser cannon assembly of its own, which Lenka jettisons after it runs out of energy.

Third Stage

Within the massive outer blade, seen after Lenka jettisons the God Arc's outermost layer, lies a smaller blade, similar in appearance to a Long Blade but far larger still. Its cutting edge can be seen to light up, signifying a powered state that energizes the blade with Oracle energy.

This stage is capable of deploying multiple "options"—small modules, connected by organic tendrils, that can be directed by Lenka's will to move about and fire lasers.

Fourth Stage

His powered blade further damaged in battle with the Dyaus Pita, Lenka jettisons it to reveal an even smaller inner blade. This blade, too, is destroyed by the Pita, and the options severed.

Fifth Stage

After severing one of the Dyaus Pita's wing blades and receiving a seemingly mortal blow, Lenka creates a makeshift fifth stage of his God Arc by latching onto the base of the severed wing blade with his God Arc's predator mouth to fashion the wing blade itself into a weapon. He uses this to pierce through the Pita's core, destroying the Aragami utterly.

Use of this stage overtaxes Lenka's body, causing the Oracle Cell infection to progress throughout nearly his entire body, turning his hair and eyes a brilliant gold.