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Lindow Amamiya


Gentian Amemiya

Japanese Name 雨宮リンドウ
Rōmaji Translation Amamiya Rindō
Code Name rindou [JPN]
Personal Profile
Gender Male
Age 20 (OVA Trailer)
26 (Burst)
29 (GE2)
Origin/Nationality Far East (Japanese)
Height 182 cm (5'11")
Weight 72 kg
Eye Color Light Green
Hair Color Black
Relatives Tsubaki Amamiya (Older Sister)
Sakuya Tachibana (Fiancé in Burst, wife in GE2)
Ren Amamiya (Child)
Birthday October 12, 2045
NORN Database
Affiliation Fenrir Far East Branch
Occupation God Eater
Class Corporal (Burst)
Unit Type 1st Unit (Burst)
Cradle (GE2)
God Arc Type Old-Type/1st Generation (formerly)
New-Type/2nd Generation
Equipment Former Set:
Long Blade
Current Set:
Assault Gun
Long Blade
? Shield
? Buster Blade (1.2 costume)
Game(s) God Eater
God Eater Burst
God Eater 2
Novel(s) God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo
God Eater: Alisa in Underworld
God Eater 2: Moonlight Mile
Manga(s) God Eater: The Spiral Fate
God Eater -the 2nd break-
God Eater 2: Undercover
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Hiroaki Hirata
English Kyle Hebert

Lindow Amamiya is a character introduced in God Eater Burst. The former leader of the Retaliation team. In God Eater 2 he joins with a traveling branch named Cradle along with Soma, Alisa, and the Protagonist.


He holds a serious secret and was reported MIA (Missing In Action) during the Moon in the Welkin mission after being attacked by an Aragami. However, Lindow survived the mission, but a Dyaus Pita appeared and he was forced to fight it. During the fight, he lost his God Eater armlet, but Shio appeared and saved Lindow. While missing, his Aragami cells began to take over his body as his armlet was no longer there to control them with Bias Factor injections. They managed to take over his right arm, causing him incredible pain and affecting his behavior. Whilst in this state, Shio helped him control the pain and slow down the transformation. Eventually, he mutated into a Corrosive Hannibal. Notably, he kept his previous personality, saving Tatsumi's group before his Aragami half took over and turned on them. The Protagonist then saves them and experiences a resonance before the Hannibal departs. The Protagonist and Ren find and fight him in this state, on Aegis Island, and free him from the Hannibal. After a trip through Lindow's mind, the two eventually reach Lindow's true self, and he and the Protagonist fight the Corrosive Hannibal to free him from the mutation. Presently he is still a part of the Fenrir Far East Branch, although still with his mutated right arm (which has stopped taking him over, thanks to Ren).


God Eater BurstEdit

Lindow Amamiya (26)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2061. Leader of the 1st Unit.

Boasts a survival rate of over 90% when leading others on missions, far higher than any other leader.

Newly-recruited Gods Eaters are often assigned to this unit to ensure that precious matches won't be lost prematurely.

To date, he is the only one in the Far East Branch to have defeated an Ouroboros on his own.

God Arc: Long Blade (older model/close-combat)

Lindow Amamiya: 2 (26)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2061. Deceased. Leader of the 1st Unit.

Certified as MIA (missing in action) during the Moon in the Welkin mission in 2071.

Post rank: Captain.

God Arc: Long Blade (older model/close-combat)

Lindow Amamiya: 3 (26)

Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2061. Leader of the 1st Unit.

Assigned by the Fenrir HQ to secretly investigate former Branch Director Schicksal, only to be sabotaged by the latter and ultimately murdered.

Post Rank: Captain

God Arc: Long Blade (older model/close-combat)

This info is restricted to the Far East Branch.

Lindow Amamiya: 4 (26)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2061. Former leader of the 1st Unit.

Was marked MIA during "Moon in the Welkin" mission of 2071. But a search was resumed after discovery of a matching DNA pattern.

There is a high chance that he has undergone Aragami-transformation. All search parties should be on alert.

*Corporal Amamiya's survival is not yet confirmed. Please refrain from commenting on this entry.

Lindow Amamiya: 5 (26)
Joined Fenrir Far East Branch in 2061. Was MIA but his survival was confirmed in 2071.

He has successfully returned to duty, and is now married to Corporal Tachibana. He currently works directly under the Acting Director as a ranger, and mainly serves a role as instructor for new Gods Eater recruits.

His double promotion has been revoked, and he now remains Corporal.

God Arc: Long Blade Assault (Variable)

God Eater 2Edit


Lindow is quick to joke around, but shows distinguished judgement and acting power in battle. He mainly prioritize the survival of his team members before his own.


Character RelationshipsEdit


  • Lindow does not use Impulse Edge.
  • Lindow returns in God Eater 2 (Story Quest 78) and is now part of the traveling branch Cradle along with Alisa, Soma, and the Protagonist.
  • In God Eater 2, Lindow's Blood Art is Twister Drive.
  • It is revealed in his character episodes that he has a child with Sakuya named Ren.
  • Despite still retaining his social popularity in God Eater 2, Lindow laments that it does not matter to him due to his old age (Character Episodes).
  • Lindow received a new costume in God Eater 2's 1.2 update. The new costume allows him to wield a Buster Blade. His Blood Art with this blade is CC - Destruct

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