Aragami Information
Ontovasara is a medium sized crocodile-like Aragami and is a silver-and-gray variant of the Ukonvasara, appeared only in God Eater 2 Rage Burst. It possesses a Blast Gun in place of its upper jaw and employs constant light pillar strikes in its vicinity.
Norn Database
The following information is taken from the official in-game descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.
God Eater 2 Rage Burst

An Aragami created by Dr. Rachel Claudius's will after she seized control of the Spiral Tree. A type of Arc Aberrant , it is a mutated Ukonvasara with a Blast Gun God Arc fused into its head.

The turret on its head is teeming with high-power Oracle Cells, and when staggered by attacks will respond by emitting these cells to attack.

ATK element: Divine
Weaknesses: Freeze, Spark

Additional Information
  • "Onto" is a close word to "ontto", a Finnish word for "hollow".
  • Ontovasara will fire a super long range radial from its Blast Gun part. The attack, however, requires to charge first. The radial looks the same as Long Blade's Impulse Edge.
  • Unbounding the blast gun disables the automatic blasts.
  • The Blast gun part on its head resemble Emil's gun part.

For battle information check the Advanced Information page.

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