The Protagonist is the playable character of God Eater Online. They are a member of Cradle stationed in the Fenrir Himalayan Branch.


On their first official patrol within the Himalayan Branch, they go to investigate the old Fenrir base at Godot's request with Maria. The duo are attacked by a new, mysterious Aragami with white fur which proceeds to devour their arc. Maria is knocked unconscious and they use a grenade to stun the Aragami to get away. While hiding, they come across an unusued God Arc glowing purple. They decide to use the Arc in a bid to combat the Aragami, but they are incompatible and the Arc devours them; however Maria puts herself in the way and is devoured instead.

Maria's appearance changes to that of a white-gold theme and she vanishes, allowing the Protagonist to somehow use the Arc (also white-gold in colour). They pass out, and are then rescued by Godot a while later. They express their resolve to rescue Maria, and end up seeing Maria in visions while they go about their duties. When the Kubera attacks the Himalayan Branch, they fly out in a helicopter to assist Godot Valentine in repelling it despite advice otherwise.

After the Branch Director flees and Godot names himself Acting Director, they are appointed as the 1st Unit Captain.

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