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This will likely be the last favor I ask of you...give Lindow power to fight again...

Ren is a character exclusively introduced in God Eater Burst. He is a mysterious person who only the Protagonist and Lindow Amamiya can communicate with.


Ren first appears after the main storyline in God Eater Burst. He seems to know a lot about Lindow, and can recount interactions between Lindow and the Protagonist on the field almost as if he was there. Ren was revealed to be Lindow's God Arc (personified). This explains such things as why only the Protagonist can see him (having absorbed the God Arc) and why he knows so much about Lindow. In the final scenes of the game, Ren urges the Protagonist to end Lindow's life whether it is because he feels pity or because it is in his nature is unknown. He sacrifices himself to protect Lindow and helps seal Lindow's Aragami arm core from spreading through his body.


Ren (?)
The name of a personality manifestation that formed within the Artificial CNS implemented into the Arc. Only seen by the 1st Unit Leader and Corporal Amamiya.

It is unknown why and how this occurred. Whether Arcs carry a mind of their own has not been proven at this point and research is only at its beginning stage.

This info is restricted to the Far East Branch.


Ren has a slightly odd manner of speaking, and he doesn't communicate with most people. He also seems to find most things that other people find strange and distasteful interesting and (in the case of the First Love Juice) delicious. However, this is mostly due to the fact that he is a God Arc's Soul, and since the First Love Juice was created from Aragami materials (given to Dr. Sakaki upon request by the Protagonist) and the God Arcs most likely find Aragami tasty, hence Ren's initial liking of the drink.


Character Relationships

  • Lindow Amamiya - His first and oldest comrade. They are both brothers at arms, referring to the time when he was still a god arc being wielded by Lindow (events in Gods Eater Burst). Later on, In God Eater 2, He is named before Lindow and Sakuya's son.
  • Protagonist (God Eater) - His friend and the person who helped him to rescue Lindow. He thanks him/her for the efforts he/she had done just to bring Lindow back in the den, contrary to what his plan was at first, where he planned to kill Lindow in his aragami form.
  • Licca Kusunoki - Although Licca did not personally met Ren in his human form, Ren likes her and comments that she knows what makes a god arc tick.


  • It is revealed in the description of the last three videos in the archive that Ren is male.
  • At the ending, Lindow Amamiya and Sakuya Tachibana's child was named after Ren.
  • In Japanese, Ren means "lotus" or "romance/love".
  • Ren's identity as Lindow's God Arc is subtly foreshadowed in his voice clips. He actually describes an Aragami as 'tasty' on occasion as he prepares a Devour Attack.
  • You can craft Ren's God Arc when playing the Japanese version of God Eater Burst and with the Japanese DLC.  It's also craftable in God Eater 2.
  • Both Ren and Alisa can fire healing bullets regardless of their class in God Eater Burst.

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