Kirito and Sinon's outfit will be available in GE2RB while Julius' clothing for Kirito and Alisa's clothing for Asuna clothing will be available in SAO:LS.

The link for the news article in Siliconera is here.

In the localised versions (english subs) of SAO: Lost song the DLC is pre installed and can be found in the cabinet where you change your armor under equipment. Select "GE Collab. Outfit"


Kirito DLC Costume (Male Protagonist)

Kirito's clothing for male protagonist

Sinon DLC Costume (Female Protagonist)

Sinon's clothing for female protagonist

Kirito (Julius outfit)

Julius' clothing for Kirito

Asuna (Alisa outfit)

Alisa's clothing for Asuna


Asuna and Kirito in Alisa and Julius' clothing.


Collaboration Artwork.

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