Tales of Asteria (テイルズ オブ アスタリアTeiruzu obu Asutaria) is a social Mobile Title in the Tales series for iOS and Android devices. Its characteristic genre is "RPG That Ties Together Intersecting Thoughts" (交差する想いが繋がるRPGKousa Suru Omoi ga Tsunagaru RPG?), while Asteria in the title is supposed to mean "The Story of the Star" (星の物語 Hoshi no Monogatari?). The app utilizes a tap-based battle system called the Cross Slide Battle. The game is split into chapters that are released in episodic format. -Taken from the Tales of Wiki.

Soma, Lindow and Alisa will make an appearance in the game for limited amount of time as revealed in this Twitter post by @god_eater_anime.

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