Battle Information

AI Behavior:
  • High Survivability.
  • Uses Restore Pills when half on Health.
  • Will gather to Player when alone, unless when encountered by enemy.
  • Devours enemy whenever there is a chance.
Confirmed Skills:
  • Health ↑M
  • Exterminator
  • Prepared
Consumable Items:
Pic Item Quantity
Icons Heal Restore Pill II x10
Icons Heal Restore Pill S x5

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
Short Blade Type
Polished Buckler
Buckler Type
No Gun

Blade Shield Gun
Fiery Knife
Short Blade Type
Repellant Buckler II
Buckler Type
No Gun


Action/State Speech/Line
Start Mission Okay let’s get started.
Standby (Idle) Huh? Aren’t you ready yet?
Melee Take that!

Wide open!

Too slow!

Eat away!


I’ll do what I can!

I’m gonna break through!

Self Heal

Eheh, pretty damn harsh, huh...

Alright, I’m back!

After Stun Grenade Now!
Out of Items I’m out of items!
Healed You saved me.
Status Effect

Damn. My eyes...

What the hell’s going on...

Damage Taken Damn!
Block Successful Pretty good.

Sorry man.

Sorry, I messed up...

Can’t believe I let this happen...

Ally Incapacitated

Now you’ve done it!

Holdup! I need to regroup!

Head to Link Aid I’ll be right there!
Link Aid Given

Hey, are you okay?!

You can make it, right?!

Link Aid Taken

Hey thanks!

Sorry, I’m okay!

Respawn It’s too soon to give up.
Action: Attract Leave this to me!
Action: Fight Along I’m joining the fray!
Action: Follow I’ll go.
Action: Search I’ll see what’s going on.
Action: Gather Join you soon!
Respond to Command Gotcha!
Perform: Search Gotcha, I’ll look for the enemy!
Perform: Disperse Gotcha, we’re retreating!
Perform: Converge We need to move out? Gotcha!
Perform: Gather Alright, I’m on my way!
Gather Successful Thanks for waiting!
Action Failed Argh, no good...
Tough Battle-1 Eheh...pretty tough customer...
Tough Battle-2 (Out of time) We’re almost outta time!
Dying Enemy

Let’s hold onto this advantage!

Don’t ever let up!

Unbound Cells Should I go easy on you?
Destroyed (Easy Kill) Hey! I’m not cutting you any slack!
Mission Cleared (General) OK, good job everyone!
Mission Cleared: Easy That was nothing!
Mission Cleared: Tough Hey, just surviving means something, right?
Standby After Mission Clear (Idle) Hey Hibari? We just got done!
Mission Failed Sorry, we’re retreating!
Mission Failed (Incapacitated) Damn, how lame is this...

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