The Fall of Mankind is one of the Missions in God Eater Burst. This is basically the first mission that will lead to the Final Battle against the Corrosive Hannibal.

Before Mission

Having learned the truth, The Protagonist (with the help of Ren) sneaks Lindow's God Arc out of the God Arc Storage Room, and heads toward Aegis Island, where the black Aragami is residing. Back at the Den, the remaining members of the First Unit discover that their leader is fighting the black Hannibal alone. They prepare to go to Aegis, but are stopped by Tsubaki, who tells them the truth: the black Hannibal on Aegis is actually Lindow. She assigns them the target of the black Hannibal, the objective being to retrieve its core. However, Sakuya disagrees with the choice, and so does everyone else. Tsubaki, determined to see her brother alive and well, allows them to go.


After defeating the black Hannibal, Sakuya, Soma, Kota and Alisa arrive and ask the Leader if he/she killed it. This is cut shortly when the black Aragami revives by itself and rears up, revealing Lindow at its center. As the rest try to communicate with him, Ren urges the The Protagonist to use Lindow's God Arc to kill him. After a long hard thought, The Leader grabs the God Arc (turning his/her left arm into an Aragami in the process), and shouts back at Lindow "Don't run away! Don't run away from living...That's an order!". The Leader runs toward the Aragami, and using both Arcs as a wedge, he jacks them to open the Aragami's mouth, revealing a large core. The Protagonist then punches the core with his/her left arm and the entire screen distorts, as his/her mind and Lindow's merge.


Geb-Dontrunaway1 Geb-Dontrunaway2 Geb-Dontrunaway3
Geb-Dontrunaway4 Geb-Dontrunaway5 Geb-Dontrunaway6
Geb-Dontrunaway7 Geb-Dontrunaway8 Geb-Dontrunaway9


Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - Determined at Heart03:29

Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - Determined at Heart

Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - Don't Run Away02:46

Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - Don't Run Away

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