True Moon In The Welkin is one of the missions in God Eater Burst. This Mission serves as the final mission to accomplish in order to unlock the Challenge Rank, and it also serves as the last story-telling mission.

Before Mission

After defeating the Susano'o and the OuroborosThe Protagonist and Ren arrive in the memories Lindow had of the Old City. Upon arrival, The Protagonist and Ren find Lindow, who was fighting the Corrosive Hannibal from within all along and is severely weakened. Ren returns back to his God Arc form, and helps Lindow and The Protagonist fight the Corrosive Hannibal.


After successfully defeating the Corrosive Hannibal, The Protagonist and Lindow are forced to struggle in their effort to block the behemoth's punch as it revives, much larger than before. Lindow was shot at by the Aragami, but Ren sacrificed himself in order to save Lindow and destroyed the beast in the process.


Geb-Final1 Geb-Final2 Geb-Final3
Geb-Final4 Geb-Final5 Geb-Final6


Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - True Moon in the Welkin03:04

Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - True Moon in the Welkin

Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - Order Accomplished04:42

Gods Eater Burst Cutscene - Order Accomplished

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