Ukonvasara is a medium sized crocodile-like Aragami first introduced in God Eater 2. It is able to fire electric bolts which are generated by the turbine on its back. It is aquatic and can swim through water.

Norn Database

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst

An Aragami resemble a Crocodile. Native to South America. Recently discovered, it has made inroads into areas with large amounts of water.

Like a crocodile, its tremendous jaws are powerful and deadly. Unlike a crocodile, it has an organ that generates electricity that is uses to attack. Bond breaks weaken it significantly, and should be attempted if possible.

ATK Element: Spark
Weaknesses: Blaze, Freeze

Additional Information


  • Ukonvasara's name is a reference to the Thunder Hammer used by the Finnish thunder god, Ukko.
  • Ukonvasara originally had an olive skin in early development of God Eater 2 (as can be seen below); this was eventually changed to purple in final game.

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