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Yaksha Raja
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Item Prefix: Yaksha
Origin: Unknown
Breakable Parts: Horn, Shoulder & Claws
Attribute: Spark
Weak Point: Horn
Elemental Weakness: Blaze/Freeze/Spark
Related Species

A DLC Aragami resembling fallen God Eaters.

Additional Information
  • Yaksha Raja means half demon half god king, which hints at fallen God Eaters.
  • There are 2 variants of Yaksha Raja:
    • The clawed one acts as a leader:
      It focuses heavily on melee attacks and has higher HP.
    • The mainly gunned one acts as support:
      It focuses on pot shots and has lower HP.
  • It should be noted that, unlike Ravana, its shots do not pass through material (i.e they are not High Piercing). Use this to your advantage by hiding behind Aragami when you see the charging shots.
  • In GE2, it is a regular Aragami along with other Yakshas in both Story and Free missions. It is dubbed the "King of Yaksha."
  • While based on God Eaters as well, God Arc Soldiers are manmade, cybernetic organisms mass-produced for annihilating Aragami; Yaksha Raja are creatures that either spawned from fallen God Eaters, or came into being from Oracle Cells that possessed the bodies of God Eaters and/or ordinary humans alike.
  • Slowly track players.

Aragami Bullets
Name Description
(Explosion Ball)
Fires an energy ball at the enemy.
Affected by gravity.
(Ray Caller)
Fires a homing bullet that summons a satellite beam.
(Sealing Bead)
Fires a delayed homing energy ball.
Can inflict Seal.

Note: Both variants of Yaksha Raja have the same Aragami Bullets.

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Gameplay Videos
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Gods Eater Burst JP DLC - Merciless Guardians (SSS+, Solo)


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