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Yan Zhi
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Item Prefix: Enchantress
Origin: Unknown
Breakable Parts: Head, Arm Wings & Lower Body
Attribute: Freeze
Weak Point: Head
Elemental Weakness: Blaze
Related Species

The Yan Zhi is a harpy-like Aragami which resembles the Chi-You and Sariel family. It is a freeze variant of Chi-you and is one of the new invasive species. It is able to command Aragami to focus on a single target by marking them, as well as summon Zhou Wang to the field.

It is among a new batch of morphed Aragami that have their own central theme.

Additional Information
  • The name which means maquillage may be a reference to Daji, the concubine who bewitched King Zhou with her beauty.
  • A Yan Zhi can spawn a total of 4 Zhou Wangs at time.

Aragami Bullets
Name Gun Type Attributes Description
Sniper Freeze Fire an incendiary sniper bullet.
(Icicle Needle)
Assault Freeze Fire 3 explosive rounds.
(Ice Fog)
Blast Freeze Shoots a large explosive that's affected by gravity.
(Ice Chariot)
Shotgun Freeze Shoots three orbs that follow the gunner in mid air and explodes when something touches it or after a certain period of time lapses.
Yan Zhi 001 Yan Zhi 002 Yan Zhi 003
Yan Zhi 004
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