Aragami Information
An Aragami summoned by Yan Zhi with matching color scheme as the Yan Zhi. Drops no items and melts away once killed.
Norn Database
God Eater 2 Rage Burst
A psion version of the Ogretail, it is covered with plumage-like fur. Brought about by the Yan Zhi's ability, it possesses an imperfect core, which causes it to instantaneously disperse into a cloud of mist on death. Individually not much of a threat, it becomes incredibly dangerous when a swarm focuses its attacks. Dealing with each quickly and efficiently is the best strategy for dealing with them.
Additional Information
  • The Zhou Wang is a rat-like Aragami which resembles the Ogretail family and made its debut in God Eater 2. It can only be present alongside a Yan Zhi, since the latter summons it.
  • The name may be a reference to King Zhou (紂王) who was bewitched by his wicked wife Daji.
  • It is possible to devour its corpse upon death, before it collapses. However, if the body is allowed to collapse it will decompose immediately.
  • This Aragami is the only non-Boss type enemy that doesn't grant materials when their corpse is devoured.
  • At any given time there is a maximum number of 5 Zhou Wangs that can be present on a mission, once this number is reached the Yan Zhi stops summoning more.

For battle information check the Zhou Wang/Advanced Information page

Yan Zhi 004 Yan Zhi 003 (more images needed)

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